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Plextor M8Pe
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Plextor M8Pe NVMe PCI-E Solid State Drive Detailed

Next week at CES Plextor will launch the M8Pe NVMe PCI-Express x4 solid state drive. The drive is actually based on a M.2 form factor (M.2 on a PCI-E card) over the non-volatile memory express protocol. The drive will effectively replace Plextor's own M6e.


OWC Mercury Accelsior 480GB PCI-E Solid State Drive Review

PCI-Express solid state drives are fairly new and there are only a handful of these drives available.  These devices break the speed barrier on SATA 6GB/s drives by using the PCI-E interface.  The most prevalent PCI-E solid state drives our OCZ’s RevoDrive series, but OCZ better watch out because the drive we are taking a look at today has a few features that the RevoDrive’s do not.  The OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI-E Solid State Drive comes in capacities from 120GB to 960GB, is upgradable, and is both PC and Mac “plug and play” compatible.  Want to learn more? Read on for our review!

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ASUS HD 6870 DirectCU 1GB Video Card Review

AMD released the original 6870 back in October and almost every video card manufacturer had reference models.  It has been a while since the launch and now we are seeing manufactures come out with their own versions of the 6870, one such company is ASUS.  They have sent us their HD 6870 DirectCU which features ASUS’s in house PCB design, a slight overclock up to 915 MHz and the DirectCU (direct copper) GPU cooling solution, which ASUS says will cool the GPU up to 20% better than the stock cooler.  Let’s take a look at this card and see if it is perfect for your gaming needs.


OCZ RevoDrive X2 100GB PCI-E Solid State Drive Review

OCZ is no stranger to creating some of the fastest solid state drives available.  We know this from our reviews of the <a href="">original RevoDrive</a> and the <a href="">Vertex 3 drive</a>.  Today OCZ has sent us their X2 version of the RevoDrive, which is to be faster and available in larger capacities.  It boasts max speeds of 740MB/s read and 720MB/s write and capacities of up to 960GB.  If you are a person that always needs to have some of the fastest components available in your system then the RevoDrive X2 is for you.  Let’s see if it will become the fastest solid state drive we have tested to date!

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Bigfoot Networks Announces Killer Wireless-N Series

You read it right, folks. <a href="">Killer NIC</a> maker <a href="">Bigfoot Networks</a> is rolling out a line of wireless cards! Announced today, the Killer Wireless-N series is a half-size mini-PCIe 802.11/a/b/g/n wireless adapter suitable for replacing existing cards or being installed by an OEM. The Killer Wireless-N series leverages the Killer technology in a new form, Killer Wireless. This combines accelerated wireless with the standard Killer features Advanced Stream Detect (essentially QoS for games, video, and audio),  Visual Bandwidth Control (manual adjustment of bandwidth allocations), and PC Monitor (standard health monitoring baked into the Killer software). The result is a claimed up to 500% increase in speed of accelerated communications from games, VoIP software, video playback, and more. At release, there are two models available: the 1103 and 1102. The former is a 3-stream MIMO 450 Mbps version, the latter 2-stream MIMO 300 Mbps.


OCZ RevoDrive 50GB PCI-E Solid State Drive Review

Over the past year we have looked at quite a few solid state drives.  The big thing this year was the introduction of the SandForce controller into just about every different manufacturer's drives.  OCZ is one such manufacturer, but they have done something different with RevoDrive.  The RevoDrive is not an ordinary 2.5-inch SATA drive we are used to seeing, it is a a 4x PCI-Express expansion card with 2 SandForce controllers configured in a RAID 0 setup for extremely fast transfer speeds.  Let’s take a look at this drive and see if it can blow away the competition.

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