Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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AMD Ryzen Update: Reviews & Shipping February 28th

Here is a little update on the Ryzen Event. Reports have confirmed that samples are finding their way to reviewers this week. The NDA for reviews of the chips will be lifted on February 28th. The same day AMD will launch the flagship R7 1800X, R7 1700X, and R7 1700 models. The remaining models are expected to launch a little later on March 2nd.

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All AMD Ryzen Processor Models Revealed

We've been hearing so much about Ryzen lately, but one thing we were really unsure of was the actual processor model numbers and naming scheme. With Intel we would always be able to guess them, but with this launch AMD is completely changing things. On March 2nd, AMD will launch 17 processor models! These will include 5 eight-core, 4 six-core, and 8 quad-core SKUs!

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