All AMD Ryzen Processor Models Revealed

We’ve been hearing so much about Ryzen lately, but one thing we were really unsure of was the actual processor model numbers and naming scheme. With Intel we would always be able to guess them, but with this launch AMD is completely changing things. On March 2nd, AMD will launch 17 processor models! These will include 5 eight-core, 4 six-core, and 8 quad-core SKUs!


The flagship processor in the Ryzen lineup will be the AMD Ryzen R7 1800X, then the R7 1800 Pro, the R7 1700X, the R7 1700 Pro, and the R7 1700. At this point we do not know the exact clock speeds of these processors or what “Pro” means. The “Pro” on AMD’s A-Series APUs adds certain business-desktop features, so that could be it.

Moving on to the 6-core parts we have the Ryzen R5 1600X, followed by the R5 1600 Pro, the R5 1500, and the R5 1500 Pro. For these processors you’ll see clock speeds between 3.20 GHz and 3.60 GHz, with all SKUs featuring SMT to enabled 12 logical cores for the CPU.

Finally we have the 12 remaining quad-core chips. The big difference with these chips is that the chips that feature SMT have the Ryzen R5 extension, where the ones that do not have SMT are Ryzen R3 chips. The SMT enabled quad-core lineup is made up of the R5 1400X, R5 1400 Pro, R5 1300, and R5 1300 Pro. The for the entry-level R3 lineup there is the R3 1200X, R3 1200 Pro, R3 1100, and R3 1100 Pro.


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