The First Intel Processor With AMD Radeon Graphics Coming Soon

It was previously reported that Intel would license AMD’s GPU technology for integration in its processors. It is now been reported that this is indeed true and that the first product collaboration between Intel and AMD could be out within 2017. This first special processor would feature an AMD Radeon GPU die and a CPU die based on Intel’s Kaby Lake micro-architecture.


The chip will not be designed like Intel’s current processors which feature on-die HD graphics solutions. It will be a multi-chip module (MCM) with the Radeon GPU die being separate from the CPU die. This means that AMD will supply the nearly-finished die to Intel, more than likely manufactured at Global Foundries or TSMC. This is because AMD will not want to hand over sensitive designs to Intel’s fabs.

It is expected that this special processor will be an entry to mid-range product aimed at the value consumer. This could just be the start of the collaboration between Intel and AMD when it comes to graphics IP.

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