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Alphacool Announces the X-Flow Series Radiators

Alphacool expands the extensive range of products in the area radiators to a completely new line: the X-Flow. Thus Alphacool completes its product range with a high-flow series with special characteristics without loosing the known and popular virtues of previous NexXxoS series. On the contrary, you build continuously on top of the positive things and offer the customer additional possibilities to create his own water-cooling circle.

EK CoolStream CE Series Radiators
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EK Announces CoolStream CE Series Radiators

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is excited to introduce the new high-performance computer liquid cooling radiators EK-CoolStream CE. EK-CoolStream CE family radiators combine EK's unique CSQ design with latest radiator core engine. Built for nearly released EK-Vardar 140mm high static pressure fans, these radiators are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across an entire fan operational range, thus delivering exceptional performance at both low- and high airflow operation.

EK CoolStream PE Series Radiators
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EK Releases Brand New CoolStream PE Series Radiators

EK has just introduced the brand new EK-Coolstream PE line of high-performance radiator which combines EK's unique CSQ design with the latest radiator core engine. The 4 new radiators are built for 120 mm fans and are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across entire fan operational range so you will see exceptional performance at both low and high speed airflow operation.

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