XSPC Launches TX Series Ultra Thin Radiators

XSPC has just announced their brand new TX Series radiators, which are extremely thin! XSPC says that they are the world’s thinnest available PC radiators at just 20.5 mm thick! These are of course marketed towards builds and systems where space is at a premium. XSPC will be offering these in 120 mm, 240 mm, 360 mm and 480 mm sizes. To give you an idea of just how thin these are a typical case fan is 25 mm thick, so these radiators at 20.5 mm are 20% thinner, and a whopping 40% thinner than XSPC’s own EX-series radiators.

xspc radiator 1

So if you pair these radiators with slim 15 mm fans your entire radiator and fan thickness would only be 35.5 mm, which would allow for proper closed loop cooling in even the smallest spaces.

xspc radiator 2

These radiators make use of a high performance copper and brass core, with welded seam tubes and high density splitter fins. On top of that the fins protrude past the tubing to make use of the space between the tubing and the radiator frame. This gives the radiators increased fin volume for heat dissipation without adding to the overall dimensions of the radiator.

Adding to the performance XSPC has increased fin density to 22 FPI (fins per inch). They say that the performance remains excellent even with low speed fans and the thin design. No official launch date has been specified, but XSPC expects the TX Series radiators to be available next month.

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