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XSPC Radeon Fury X Water Block
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XSPC Also Shows Off Their R9 Fury X Water Block

Earlier today we showed you EKWB's upcoming Radeon R9 Fury X water block and now we have a good look at XSPC's! XSPC's Radeon R9 Fury X Water Block is in the works and for those wondering it is a full cover water block! Unlike EKWB's version this one will require two slots.

XSPC Memory WaterBlock + Side Plate Set

XSPC Memory WaterBlock & Side Plate Set Review

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, ram overclocking, and watercooling! There comes a point in every water coolers journey that they suddenly feel the need to put a waterblock on every surface that creates heat. You can literally slap a waterblock on anything from HDD’s to fan controllers if you feel the need. Certainly then, one thing that can be water cooled is the memory (ram). Until recently which ram you could easily water cool was pretty much limited to Corsair Dominators. Fortunately for those with the itch, XSPC is here to help! With their Memory WaterBlock + Side Plate Set, you can get almost any ram on the planet wet. Follow along as we install and test just what this set can do for you!

XSPC Photon 270 Tube Reservoir

XSPC Photon 270 Tube Reservoir Review

While we’re certainly no stranger here at to XSPC’s watercooling products, what were about to take a look at is something we’ve never seen before. Also a first for XSPC is their big entry into the wildly popular tube reservoir market with the Photon 270. Unlike traditional tube reservoirs the Photon 270 has one big twist, a light tube down the center of the reservoir. Follow along as we check it out and see if this should be the next big upgrade for your loop!


XSPC Razor GTX690 GeForce GTX 690 Waterblock Review

We’re currently on a hot streak of XSPC watercooling components. So far we’ve looked at a <a href="">full loop kit</a>, an <a href="">upgraded radiator</a>, and an <a href="">external radiator stand</a>. Today’s review will round out that group of excellently performing PC cooling components with the XSPC Razer GTX690 full cover water block for the GTX 690 Graphics Card. Follow along as we find out if this block can keep our dual chip GPU as cool as this block looks.


XSPC AX Radiator Desk Stand Review

One of the biggest limiting factors in what you can do with watercooling is how much room you have in your case. With so much equipment to pack in for watercooling alone, space ends up being one of the chief concerns for builders and modders. And the single biggest limiting factor: how much radiator one can fit. Radiators are large, bulky, and inflexible in how they need to be installed. This can easily lead to the builder having to sacrifice cooling surface for space. There is a solution to this problem though; external radiator stands. And if you have chosen to use XSPC’s AX series of radiators, then you’re in luck. Today we will be looking at the AX Radiator Desk Stand from XSPC.


XSPC AX240 Dual Fan Radiator Review

With so many water cooling radiator options on the market, it’s no wonder that people have trouble choosing which is best for their loop. There are many things to consider: price, performance, size, and style. One option that ticks many boxes is from XSPC, the AX240. Follow along as we take a look at this sleek radiator and find out if it may work for you.


XSPC RayStorm 750 RS240 Watercooling Kit Review

In the computer world, every once in awhile a company that is thought of as bargain basement starts to come out with great products. In this case we’re talking about XSPC. Usually considered at best to be entry level, not many would give XSPC a second look for pure performance. That is until they released their first Raystorm blocks. Now not only are they affordable, but they actually stack up against the big name water cooling manufacturers. And that leads us to today’s review, the <strong>XSPC RayStorm 750 RS240 Watercooling kit</strong>. This kit has everything you need to build your own custom watercooling loop. Let’s take a look...

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