Friday, July 20, 2018

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ASUS RAIDR Solid State Drive
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ASUS ROG Launches RAIDR Express PCI Express SSD

ASUS ROG has officially launched their RAIDR Express PCI Express-based solid state drive. We first talked about the RAIDR back in April and now it is here! It is the first PCI Express-based solid state drive with a DuoMode feature which allows it to work with legacy or modern UEFI BIOS. ASUS has aimed the RAIDR Express at hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts who want a faster and more reliable experience.

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ASUS ROG RAIDR Coming This May

ASUS is readying their first enthusiast solid state drive, the ROG RAIDR. The RAIDR is a PCI-Express solid state drive that uses two SandForce SF2281 driven SSD drives stripped in a RAID 0 configuration. Each solid state drive uses 19 nm MLC flash NAND chips. A few photos of the drive and spec sheets were posted on SweClockers. The drives both sport a pretty cool EMI shield and backplate.

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