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Rapoo Shows Off Gaming Peripherals

Although Rapoo has been around for years and are very popular in Asia and Europe, they haven't really made a big splash in the U.S. yet. They launched their VPro gaming brand last August and brought the whole line to CES to show them off.

Rapoo 8900P Advanced Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo
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Rapoo 8900P Advanced Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo Review

We all know looking for a perfect keyboard and mouse for everyday tasks can sometimes be a pain. Not many companies focus on some of the basic needs of most users out there. Most of the time if the product is not gaming related than it is going to be cheaply made and has some weird flower designs. Rapoo has been the number one wireless keyboard and mouse company in China for the past few years and has won numerous I.F. awards. They focus on only wireless devices, and today we are going to be taking a look at their 8900P Advanced Wireless Mouse and Keyboard combo.

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