Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Mushkin Reactor 512GB Solid State Drive

Mushkin Reactor 512GB Solid State Drive Review

Today we are taking a look at another solid state drive from Mushkin. This one comes from their Reactor line and is the 512GB version. In the past Mushkin primarily used SandForce controllers with their solid state drives, but this time they have gone with Silicon Motion’s SM2246EN controller. This controller from what we’ve seen is very solid and performs without issue. They have teamed this controller with Micron’s 16nm MLC NAND. This combination gives the 512GB version of the drive a sequential read speed of 560 MB/s and sequential write speed of 460 MB/s with 71K IOPS read and 75K IOPS write. Let’s see what this drive can do.

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Mushkin Expands Reactor SSD Line

Mushkin originally launched the Reactor solid state drive in a single capacity, 1TB. While 1TB is a lot of storage space, not everyone needs that much storage space, especially for an SSD so they are expanding the Reactor line to include two more capacities: 256GB and 512GB.

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