Saturday, August 18, 2018

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Microsoft Launches “12 Days a Deal” Promotion Offer Deep Discounts on PCs

Microsoft has just launched their "12 Days a Deal" promotion on their online store. The promotion will last as you might have guessed, for 12 days with a different products being offered at a deep discount each day. The largest discount we've seen is $1000 off the Alienware 15 Touch Signature Edition Gaming Laptop! Other discounts are anywhere from $250-$500 off, but if you are looking to buy a new PC this might be the sale for you!

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Battlefield 3 is only $0.99 on EA’s New Years Sale

EA is holding a massive holiday sale on Origin. Many of their games have been greatly discounted and these include some of the hottest games of 2014. There was one thing that stood out though, Battlefield 3 is only $0.99! Getting that game at that price is a no-brainer! Even if you just play the campaign it is worth it. Other games on sale include Titanfall, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield

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Steam Halloween Sale Has Started

While it is not as big as the Summer Sale, Steam has kicked off their Halloween sale! This sale brings discounts to different types of scary, horror, gore, and spooky games. While most of the games I've seen in the sale are a little old now, this discounts are pretty good and if you were holding out now is the time to buy!

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