Valve Kicks off The Steam Stealth Game Sale

Valve has just kicked off a new sale on Steam. It is the Stealth Game Sale, which features 64 stealth-based games that will be on sale for a limited time. Some of the noticeable titles are Dues Ex, Assassin’s Creed II, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, FarCry 4 and more!


The discounts vary depending on the game, but many are quite huge at up to 75% off. The cheapest game is only $0.99 with the most expensive (FarCry4) at $33.49. Talking about FarCry, all of the FarCry games are currently on sale so if you’ve never played a FarCry game before now is the perfect time! The sale is not that long, ending October 16th at 10AM PDT.

Check out the the Steam Stealth Game Sale here.

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