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MYNT Bluetooth Tracker
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MYNT Bluetooth Tracker Review

Misplacing your keys, phone, or any important possession is not a fun thing, especially if you left it somewhere and you can't remember where. Over the years I've left my phone in cabs, forgot my wallet as restaurants and more! Luckily we have Bluetooth trackers that can help us track down our important possessions or just help us find those keys before we leave the house. Today we are checking out the MYNT tracker. This Bluetooth tracker has a thin and light design so you can attach it to pretty much anything, alerts you if it gets separated from your phone, and can act as a remote shutter, music remote, and much more for your phone. Read on so see if MYNT is the Bluetooth tracker that you need!


ThinkComputers Podcast #124

Our pre-CES Podcast! The week we talk about our reviews of some GeIL RGB memory, the NZXT H700i, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, and what we expect heading into CES 2018!

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Ultimate Travel Tech Guide

The Holiday's have just passed and I know many of you are traveling. We get asked all of the time, "What is in your bag?", or "What tech do you travel with?". Well since we are heading to CES next week we thought we would put together a big Ultimate Travel Tech article going over all of the tech we travel with! Let's get started!

ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack

ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack Review

Traveling is amazing, some of the best experiences of my life have been when I have been traveling. One downside of traveling is of course packing and then going through the security checkpoints. Typically when I travel I have a backpack for my laptop and other electronics and a carry-on style piece of luggage for my clothes. ECBC has combined those two into what they are calling the Pegasus Wheeled Backpack. At first glance it looks like a typical piece of carry-on luggage, but open it up and you have room for your laptop and all types of electronics. On top of that it can be a rolling bag, or you can wear it on your back as a backpack. Did I mention the Pegasus is TSA safe, meaning you don’t need to remove your laptop from the bag when going through a security checkpoint. Let’s see what the Pegasus is all about!

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FAA Relaxes Rules on In-Flight Electronics

Yesterday the FAA released their guidance for personal electronic devices on planes. Taking a look at it guidelines it is something that most airlines are doing already, although I’ve been witness to and have heard some pretty crazy stories about airline staff going to some pretty extreme lengths to make sure your personal electronic devices are turned off, not just in airplane mode. Currently most airlines do not allow you to have personal electronic devices turned on till the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet, which seems pretty ridiculous.


Best Travel Apps For The iPhone

In the modern era, travelling has become a lot simpler and the world has become a smaller place. With smartphones being owned by most these days, it is wise to know the best travel apps for the devices, here are a few that are available on the most popular device, the iPhone.

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Unboxing the GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor

Today we are unboxing a pretty cool product. Have you ever been traveling or somewhere with your laptop and thought to yourself, "I wish I had another monitor!". I know that I have and I'm sure you have too! Many people have dual and triple display setups at home and as we all know they make you very productive. Going from that to a single screen laptop is hard. GeChic knows this and they have come up with the On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor. This 13.3-inch screen is powered by USB and can be used with any device that has an HDMI or DVI connection. Read on to check out our overview and unboxing video!


Colin’s Travel Tech

Regular readers may notice that this is my first article in a while. Why, you may ask? I've been traveling throughout the eastern United States on business. Since June, I've spent more than 18 of 30 weeks on the road, in the air, or on a train. In that time, I honed my travel skills and, most importantly to we geeks, my travel kit. This article aims to describe some of the necessities and nice-to-haves when traveling by car, train, or plane. I've got things from headsets to personal battery packs, so hopefully you'll learn and thing or two and be even more prepared for your next trip.


Choiix Boom Boom Slim Travel Speaker Review

When you are purchasing a laptop for most people speakers are really not their first concern and they really shouldn’t be.  I’ve owned quite a few different laptops over the past couple of years and the speakers have been pretty bad on all of them.  The speakers on netbooks are even worse.  Choiix knows this and has come out with a cool little product to give your speakers a little boost.  It is the Boom Boom Slim Travel Speaker.  This speaker is very small and features 4 high sensitive drivers.  Let’s see if it is the perfect speaker for your laptop.

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