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Unitek 10-Port USB Charging Station Review

If you have a lot of different devices or even portable chargers for those devices your charging situation is likely a mess. This has happened to me multiple times and having a charging / cable mess was not ideal. This is where Unitek's 10-Port USB Charging Station comes in. It provides 10 powered USB ports with 2.4A per port with dividers that act as stands to keep all of your devices organized. This is definitely the ultimate charging station for someone who has a lot of devices to charge at once. It even offers two Quick Charge 3.0 ports for rapid charging of QC3.0 compatible devices.

Energen 5-Port USB Charging Station
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Energen 5-Port USB Charging Station Review

Besides our computers almost all of our other electronic devices get charged via USB, our phones, cameras, tablets, headphones, and much more. It seems that there are not enough USB ports in our laptops and desktops to charge all of these devices! That is where Energen's 5-port USB Charging Station comes in! It gives you four 2.4A USB power ports and a fifth Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port for even faster charging. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port charges device 4x faster than than typical 1A powered USB ports. This is a perfect device for the office, travel, or even your bedroom! Let's see what it is all about!

nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger
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nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Ever find yourself wandering around a giant parking lot filled with a seemingly endless metallic sea of vehicles without a clue as to where your car is actually parked? Or maybe you’ve gone out to the woods for a day of trail hiking only to emerge from a different trailhead feeling mostly clueless as to where you left your ride home? These and many other situations have been the torment of motorists for years. It only makes sense then that when a crowd funding project for a device named ZUS appeared it was fully funded. ZUS is a 12V two port car charger, made by Palo Alto, CA based startup nonda. ZUS links to a smartphone app and then serves as a GPS locator for your car. Are the days of wandering the sweltering asphalt of your local mall gone or should you just work on getting better with directions and skip ZUS altogether? Follow along as we find out!

Patriot FUEL+ 7800mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery
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Patriot FUEL+ 7800mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery Review

Patriot is known for their RAM and flash storage. Although, mobile accessories is a huge market and can’t be ignored. FUEL+ is Patriot’s entry into the mobile rechargeable battery category featuring seven different models ranging from 1500mAh to 9000mAh. Our review unit is 7800mAh, near the top end of the FUEL+ line. It can simultaneously charge two devices with its 1A and 2.5A output USB Type A ports, includes blue battery status LEDs, and Patriot is so confident about their FUEL+ products, they provide a two year warranty.

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Unboxing the Choiix Power Fort 5600

Have you ever been out and your phone is about to die? You may have your charger with you, but there is nowhere to plug it in to. The best instance of this has to be an airport, people kill for the outlets there! The Choiix Power Fort 5600 is a portable USB charger that has a built-in rechargeable battery so no matter where you are you will be able to charge your mobile devices. The Power Fort 5600 has a single USB port on it so it can charge any device that can be charged via USB read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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