nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Ever find yourself wandering around a giant parking lot filled with a seemingly endless metallic sea of vehicles without a clue as to where your car is actually parked? Or maybe you’ve gone out to the woods for a day of trail hiking only to emerge from a different trailhead feeling mostly clueless as to where you left your ride home? These and many other situations have been the torment of motorists for years. It only makes sense then that when a crowd funding project for a device named ZUS appeared it was fully funded. ZUS is a 12V two port car charger, made by Palo Alto, CA based startup nonda. ZUS links to a smartphone app and then serves as a GPS locator for your car. Are the days of wandering the sweltering asphalt of your local mall gone or should you just work on getting better with directions and skip ZUS altogether? Follow along as we find out!

Special thanks to nonda for providing the ZUS for us to review!

ZUS arrives in small white box with a clear plastic cover over the front showcasing the charger inside. The box is of course wrapped in shrink wrap and is perfectly sealed. Like most mobile product packaging we see it is sleek and stylish. Printed on the clear plastic window, you see that the device is compatible with both Android and Apple products, as well as a small nod to their Indiegogo funding roots and bit about the parking time alert feature.

nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

Flipping the box over, we are presented with a graphic depicting the device finding your car as well as a full feature listing below that.


Below the feature listing you will find some smartphone compatibility information. The ZUS app will work with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with iOS 7.1 or newer as well as Android devices running version 4.3 or newer. Moving to the sides of the box we find the nonda insignia and nothing more.

nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

After you remove the shrink wrap the plastic cover is held in place by a small circle of tape at the base. Once this is removed you can lift the plastic up which sort of hinges at the top. The charger itself is held in place with plastic tabs and seems to be in perfect condition after shipping. Inside the box you will find the charger secured to a foam backboard, a short manual, and nothing more.

nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger