nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Final Thoughts
nonda has given themselves the goal to create devices that live in the world of the Internet of Things. A world where all the things we use and own are “smart” and connected to the grid. ZUS is their first product to embrace this and I find that as a first time product it is fantastic. It’s solidly built and the app is polished as well. Setting up ZUS is as simple as any smart device out there, it requires no expertise at all. As a car charger it works just as well as any available, maybe even much better depending on which device you are currently using. I do wish the app had some tracking information about charging rate and times built in.

My only problems with ZUS arose from using the GPS side of the device. Current smart phone GPS tracking technology is simply not accurate enough to allow ZUS to shine. While it will always point you in the right general direction, the distance shown is never going to be able to drop you right on top of your vehicle. Additionally when you are inside a structure and the GPS function of your phone is blocked, ZUS is knocked offline. This includes the map function which could have still left a pin pointing you in the right direction. Finally and this is just a general smartphone issue that is exacerbated by using ZUS, your battery life is going to go to diminish badly. It’s common knowledge that enabling location services on your phone will crush your battery life. Unfortunately for ZUS to work you must enable those services.

ZUS can be had directly through their website for $29.99+S&H or through Amazon for the same price and is eligible for Prime shipping.

Overall would like to give the nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger a 9 out of 10 score!

– Solid Construction
– Ease of Use
– Good Charging
– GPS Location Works Well Enough
– Price; Seems to Be a Good Value

– GPS is Not Perfect
– Battery Life Suffers When Using ZUS