Friday, July 20, 2018

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Kingston DataTraveler microDuo

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB Drive Review

We all know what a benefit having a USB flash drive is for adding extra storage and transferring files between a desktop PC and a laptop. With the flood of mobile devices out there I’m sure you have a tablet or smartphone, or both. The issue with these is that for the most part they do not have traditional USB ports which would make it easy to add storage or transfer files. Well Kingston hopes to solve this issue with their DataTraveler microDuo USB drive that has a normal USB port on it for PCs and a smaller microUSB port on it to be used on mobile devices. Let’s take a look...

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Team Announces M132 Flash Drives with USB OTG and Wi-Fi Support

Team Group began working to release their Mobile USB storage series. Tagged as the M132 UFD, the newest device has been equipped with a dual interface which extends support for all smartphones and tablets. You can now have your own little storage space with the USB On the Go function fully supported. To top it all up, the light weight of the device enhances its portability and allows for maximum functionality.

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