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Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2015

This year was a great one for gamers with some of the most anticipated games of all time coming out. Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin has put together a report on Medium revealing preliminary results for on Valve's digital PC video game content distribution platform Steam. This report lists games that sold the most copies globally in 2015 as well as offering sales data for games sold in each individual region.

Half-Life 3
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Half-Life 3 Rumors Spring Up as Valve Announces GDC Press Conference

Half-Life 3 rumors have been going on for YEARS now! Everyone wants to see a third iteration of the very popular game come out and it looks like Valve is teasing anxious gamers again. RagnarRox has said that Valve has scheduled a public press-conference for the 3rd of March at 3 PM. That is the third month of the year, om the third day in that month, at 3 PM. Is this just a simple coincidence?

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