Valve Announces Steam Interface Overhaul

Valve will be giving their Steam client a much needed makeover. They made this announcement at the 2019 Game Developers Conference, where they also expresses the need to be transparent about their “priorities and principals” when it comes to PC gaming. This of course is in reaction to Epic Games and the Epic Games Store.

So the first major change is a UI overhaul. The most notable change is in your Game Library where you’ll now see large game titles. It will look more like a media library instead of a simple text listing. The “friends” section has also been fully integrated into the interface instead of a separate window.

steam 2

In the games section you can have favorites as well as different section like “games to play with…”. You can also organize and search your library by the type of game (Open World, Adventure, RGB, etc).

steam 3

The other thing that will be added is Steam Events. This is a way for developers to communicate with gamers through Steam. Previously announcement etc were inside the community page updates, but now developers case schedule big announcement with information sent out to interested players automatically. Players can then set reminders with a single button.

steam 4

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