DICE Unveils 2019 Battlefield V Roadmap

EA and DICE will be releasing the Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V today, dubbed FireStorm. With that they are ramping things up revealing a 2019 roadmap that covers the next two chapters of the game in Tides of War as well as a tease at the next chapter.

Chapter 3: Trial By Fire will launch with today’s update. It will not only include the FireStorm battle royal mode, but new Combined Arms missions (April), a new Mediterranean map (May) based on the German airborne invasion of Crete, and a Hardcore mode (June).

Then in June you’ll see Chapter 4: Defying the Odds launch. With this you will get a new multiplayer mode, a new map which DICE teases as “urban design [that] has been sought after by the community and should feel both familiar and fresh at the same time”. Another new map called Marita will be launched as well, it will be based on the 1940 invasion of Greece.

In fall of 2019 we will see Chapter 5, which is dubbed Awakening the Giant. This should cover the Japanese Entry into the war.

bfv roadmap 2

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