PUBG Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary – Gives out Special Anniversary Virtual Item

The game that really started the battle royale craze is now turning 2 years old! Honestly it feels longer than that, but PUBG was the game that brought battle royale to the mainstream. The company wrote on open letter to their fans on the PUBG Steam Page where they reflect on some of the highlights of the game.

The commemorate of the 2nd anniversary of the game there will be a free in-game item, which is a 2nd anniversary hat. To claim it, visit the in-game store and “purchase” the free item on PC or simply login during the event dates on Console.

pubg 2nd 2

CEO CH Kim has also made a 2nd anniversary video to thank fans of PUBG. The video is in Korean, but you can click on the closed caption (CC) button on YouTube for the English translation.

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