Friday, July 20, 2018

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Thermaltake Versa H34 Featured Image 2

Thermaltake Versa H34 Mid Tower Case Review

It's not often that an inexpensive case comes along that I am very impressed with, but the Thermaltake Versa H34 CA-1C9-00M1WN-00 is one of those times. Sure, it’s made of thinner steel than some other more expensive chassis but you can't beat what you actually get from this case. It's just built right and it’s built for builders. The plastic front looks good and lots of the right ventilation in the right places and even the Thermaltake Logo at the bottom is classy too. There is a very minimalistic quality to it, but not so minimal that it won't do what you want because it will do more than you think. This case can really do a lot.

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