Thermaltake Versa H34 Mid Tower Case Review

It’s not often that an inexpensive case comes along that I am very impressed with, but the Thermaltake Versa H34 CA-1C9-00M1WN-00 is one of those times. Sure, it’s made of thinner steel than some other more expensive chassis but you can’t beat what you actually get from this case. It’s just built right and it’s built for builders. The plastic front looks good and lots of the right ventilation in the right places and even the Thermaltake Logo at the bottom is classy too. There is a very minimalistic quality to it, but not so minimal that it won’t do what you want because it will do more than you think. This case can really do a lot.

In the modding world we have what we call “Donor Cases”. A Donor Case is the case before you start building it. It’s like the artist’s canvas before the theme and the paint has been applied. We need a canvas that is not too expensive in the beginning because that gives us more options and opportunities for parts, Custom water-cooling and of course the final cost is what we are very interested in keeping as low as we can. If a builder or modder spends too much on the donor case, sometimes they don’t have enough money to buy that better gaming card or that custom lighting that they wanted to use or they have to wait lots of time to get the money together to finish the project. In the end, the less you spend for a gaming case in the beginning of the build the better for some starter builders, but you can’t buy just any inexpensive gaming cases. No way. There are some case out there that you just would not want to consider for anything other than a great recycling project but this case has got what it takes to be a winner for that winning gamer and builder.

Thermaltake has taken an idea of low costs and cleverly mixed the essential things a builder needs and they gave the builder also lots of different options for Radiator sizes and placement. This is a true Donor Case if I have ever seen one. It’s got the painted interior that we come to expect in our newer cases with lots of ventilation and filtering. While it’s not the best in the world for well off gamers with tons of money to spend this case is for someone that knows what they want to do, how they want to do it and you won’t wear out your new dremel trying to make it all fit. In fact, that is the greatest thing about the Thermaltake Versa H34. ITs already been precut for most things that you will be adding into the build later on so that saves more money and time for the buyer and builder.

Maker: Thermaltake
Model: Versa H34
Model Number: CA-1C9-00M1WN-00
Color: Black
MSRP: 69.99 with sales 59.99

Versa H34 Specs

– Filtered front, bottom and top for dust control
– Especially built for premium water-cooling setups (Both AIO-all in one or custom water loops.
– SPCC ATX mid tower
– USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1 Front Ports
– 2 External 5.25″ Drive Bays
– 3 x 3.5’’ or 3 x 2.5’’ Internal 3.5″ Drive Bays
– Back panel SSD mounting x 2
– Eight slot PCI Docks for large cards to be installed at the very bottom PCI-e(X) slot on some ATX Motherboards.

Versa H34 Clearances

Versa H34 Fan Config

Versa H34 Fan Support

Versa H34 Radiator Support

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