Pivos XIOS XS Media Player Review

A little over a year ago we took a look at Pivos’s XIOS DS Media Player. This was Pivos’s first media player and while it was a great machine, it was more of a DIY system as its more or less an Android box that you had to customize yourself. The newer Pivos XIOS XS has its own TOFU Media Center GUI, which is a Pivos-customized version of XBMC that runs on Android 4.2.2. This makes the XIOS XS more user-friendly as you can pretty much boot it up and be ready to go, much like the other major media / streaming players out there. Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to Pivos for providing us with the XIOS XS Media Player to review.


The Pivos XIOS XS comes in a small box. On the front there is a XIOS XS logo and towards the bottom right there is a little powered by TOFU emblem.

Pivos XIOS XS Media Player

Flipping the box over it gives us a rundown of the specifications of the device and all of its connections.

Pivos XIOS XS Media Player

Opening the box up inside you will find the XIOS XS device, remote, USB wall adapter, USB cable, HDMI cable, and a getting started guide.

Pivos XIOS XS Media Player

For a full unboxing and overview of the XIOS XS be sure to check out our video below.

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