Pivos XIOS XS Media Player Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the XIOS XS setup is pretty easy. First connect it to your TV via the included HDMI cable and then plug it into power and you are pretty much good to go. When you first turn the XIOS XS on you will have to go through the setup process. Check out the video below to see a walkthrough of that process.

Once you have the XIOS XS all setup you are brought into the main screen and you can start to configure everything. I have made a video showing off what you can do with the XIOS XS, how to add media, addons and more. Check out that video below.

So as you can see the TOFU OS is basically built on top of XBMC so you have all of the functionality you would from XBMC. It is extremely powerful too, but you have to set it all up and configure it yourself. If you are not new to XBMC this can take a while and can be sort of stressful. I feel like I am a pretty techy guy and I had some issues getting certain things to work correctly and had to look up how to do them or get in contact with Pivos.

While you have all of the features of XBMC and all the add-ons there are you can also install native Android apps via the Google Play Store. This gives you pretty much any type of game or app you want. While this is great some of the apps themselves do not work all that great on the XIOS XS. I think your best bet is to see if the app you want is available from an XBMC repository first as that version will probably work best.

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