Corsair Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition Case Review

Corsair Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition Case
MSRP: $99.00 USD

From Fremont, CA — November 18, 2014 — Corsair®, a US based global leader in high-performance PC hardware, introduced the newest of the Corsair Carbide Series™ very sheik and sleek, 330R “Titanium Edition”. The Titanium addition adds a little more sport and class to the standard Carbide Series 330R quiet mid-tower case making it a great choice for any place where both silence is golden and performance is King.

The brand new Carbide 330R Titanium Edition makes the already very popular gaming case of the Carbide 330R even better with the included conveniently hidden 3 step speed fan controller switch with a very stylish and minimalist aluminum anodized gun metal grey front metal panel finish to match many of the other gaming peripherals that are already offered by Corsair’s latest gaming series.

The Corsair Carbide Series 330R already has some of the newest Corsair “Direct Airflow Path” design that causes less air resistance, better flow and silent running due to some very intensive fluid dynamics taken into consideration at the engineering phase of this case’s development. Basically the way this system works is with this case is the front door leaves a 5mm gap on both sides and inside the case front door. The air is pulled collectively from the frontal sides and a bottom indicated in the color yellow below. By pulling it from such a wide area it allows for less intake air noise by pulling from all the different angles.

Side and air Intake

Over the past half of a decade the reason why case fans have been getting progressively larger is because of a very simple law; The law of “Computational Fluid Dynamics”. The Larger radius of the actual air flow or the bigger the stream from side to side being flowing into the case and the speed of the flow of the air allows for larger fans to be quieter and move more air with less effort.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Some of you may or may or may not remember the first generation case fans (80mm or less) that had to spin at finger and ear splitting speeds of up to 3500 RPM to get the air flow and back pressure needed to cool the case properly. This required the need for more fans to increase the small flow radius or “streams” of air at higher speeds making the almost insect like noise that we remember of cases of that era having.

Corsair has intelligently used this Law of C.F.D. giving a larger field flow radius for pulling in air and the larger fan pushing a greater and larger flow of air or volume and at less speed to accomplish the almost silent running ability to cool without sound.

140 fan

Simply stated, the Corsairs 330R presses the heated air in the case and allows the heat to be pushed out the back more efficiently without the annoying sound. The added insulation of the Panel sides and front door of the case also controls the noise of any vibration or other white or grey noise that may be generated by other internal parts then isolating that sound to the inside of the case creating a silent running ambiance around the whole of the Corsair 330R “Titanium” computer case.

The Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition three-speed fan controller is a very simple “Single Pole, Triple Throw” switch that changes the voltage output to the fans from 5v/9v/12v DC increments, increasing or decreasing the voltage to the fans and in turn making them run slower or faster depending the voltage applied to the aperture of the centrally located fan motor. Having the simple multiple position voltage step down switch behind the door makes tailoring your cooling or sound needs as easy and 1,2,3. with the included Single (optionally dual) 140MM front intake fan and 120MM rear fan for a grand total of 5 possible fans inside the unit including the top two optional fans if desired for a blow hole or for an AIO or all in one cooling solution.

The case unfortunately boasts an ability to handle an E-ATX form factor motherboard. This could be misread in assuming that you can put any sized motherboard you want in this case. That is not correct. The buyer must limit the number PCI slots on the motherboard for this case to a maximum of 7 expansion slots as this case does not allow for the larger 9 slot E-ATX motherboard but the tool-free drive mounting and cable routing management that was developed for this case and made standard on all Corsair Cases including this 300R are done extraordinarily well.

The addition of the Metallic Titanium look of the front makes its perfect placement of a very quiet Family Room or kitchen computer as it will match the decorum very well.
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