Corsair Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition Case Review

Final thoughts on the Corsair Carbide 330R Titanium Mid Tower Case
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In the end I chose a high quality air cooling solution for this review, why?

Two reasons:
One is every other Reviewer will add the Corsair all in one water solutions in the case and two the air cooling solution allows the top to be kept on tight and to keep the sound out. This is a high quality quiet case and it can game like crazy or take any amount of power you choose to fit in it, but to me the air cooling solution produced the most tranquil cooling solution for this build and isn’t that what this case is all about?

The Corsair Carbide 330R Titanium Edition is absolutely not invasive to an owner’s ears or eyes as it operates inside. The operations of whirring hard drive motors and fans inside is muffled to a nice calm quiet that lets the insides do all the talking though speakers or headphones. It is silent and mysterious, not revealing in its inner workings to annoy anyone and the person that built it or owns it will only know the power that lays dormant and ready inside.

Corsair did it’s very best to make a quality quiet case but I did have a few small problems with the case. First, space in the back of the motherboard tray is limited and putting the case panel on that side will most likely require you to turn it on its side and fit it with three hands at least.

The other part that bothered me some was the placement of the CPU EPS 8 pin wire access hole in the very back corner of the motherboard tray. This will possibly require the builder to buy an EPS extension of some type to fit the CPU wire to a motherboard that has a center pin-out or worse a frontal pin-out as the wire will have to travel up the back of the case back, then make a two 90 degree turns to mount into place. I would have asked the guys in the shop to put one more hole in the center just in case, but I understand also that the more holes in the back of the motherboard tray the more sound escapes and that is the reason for this case in the first place so just get an extension.

There was a lack of wire tie downs on the back of the case too. Again sound control kept them from punching too many hole into the back of the case and wire management is not so important when you’re not going to be looking inside but I have grown accustom to tie downs so I am spoiled. I got by without them and so will you.

On a final note the finish is very smooth so finger prints from a child or a gamer will be very common and hard to control. The smoother style of this case is beautiful but you will need to wipe it down good with a nice non abrasive, non acidic cleaner. I like using a quick detailing spray for this as its great for the front metal of the case and the smooth side paint job.

These are fussy things; overall this case is built… Well like a Corsair case. The Corsair Carbide 330R Titanium Edition Computer case is built with very high quality control standards. You will get your money’s worth out of this case. Everything will precisely fit into place and the hardware will not bend and break if you have to man handle them.

As for the addition of the SSD trays that fit the SSDs to the back of the case I am not sure on this note but it’s not that big of a deal since there is no window to see into so hiding something that is already hidden is kind of redundant, if you think about it so, no harm no foul there.

Overall I have to give this case a 9 out of 10 for what it is made for. It is silent and non-invasive and will fit in any room in the house or office and if peace and quiet is your key then I highly recommend this case for those meditative computer geeks or office worker that silence is golden and the case is meant to be seen and not heard.

rating9 10 small

– 3 speed fan controller
– Good clean looks
– Precision fit of parts
– Silent Case
– AIO 240 and 280 water radiator ready
– Great clearance for air cooling solution

– Shows fingerprints
– Only seven PCI slots
– EPS CPU power wire access is in the back corner only
– Little room for wires behind the motherboard tray

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