Corsair Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition Case Review

Packaging of the Corsair Carbide 330R Titanium Mid Tower Case
As a key, I use a rating of “GOOD” “BETTER” “BEST” scale to describe the quality of materials that I find in the makeup of the case and packaging.

For the Corsair Carbide 330R Case, the corrugated box is in the “GOOD” category and also cost efficient for the product price. It is enough for this case as it is light and very well built, so you should not experience any problems receiving a perfect case under the usual circumstances, unless your case was shipped by GSC or gorilla shipping company.


Both of the sides of the box look exactly alike but there is a single difference. There are additional Specifications in 3 languages on either side for a total of 6 languages to tell the specifics of the case.

box sides

The back of the case has an exploded view of the case and the features of this model are written in six languages for worldwide appeal.

Box back

The Styrofoam was very light at the top of the case and broke on one side but stayed in place. I really have to give the shock Styrofoam surround a light “GOOD” rating as the case was delivered flawlessly, but the Styrofoam was broken on the top. No harm no foul. It will get to you without any problems under normal wear and tear of shipping.

Styro blox

The plastic on the other hand is a very much “BETTER” class using a PE-LD almost body bag class of plastic that can easily carry the case alone without tearing or stretching. There is a warning to not cover you in the bag but there are some air holes in it to keep condensation out of the package during shipping. This is a very well wrapped case.

plastic covered

Finally the Metallic front is covered with a very stiff dense film that is really a “BEST” in the Category of metallic preservation. Very nice cover and a very sturdy and sticky thick Plastic but it came off without leaving any mess on the metal finish at all, none what so ever.

Front Panel metal coated

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