Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case Review

Phanteks was founded by a group of engineers with a total of 20 years of international experience in thermal solutions under their collective belts. They joined unilaterally with another Dutch designing team and established Phanteks back in 2007. The first Phanteks venture was in the CPU cooling industry had only two goals in mind, “High-end quality and innovative products in thermal solutions.”

As a new European startup company, they were determined to develop the highest quality and especially superior products aimed at the pickiest of Enthusiasts.

The First product made by the company was the Dual 140mm fanned dual segmented air cooler, the PH-TC14PE, was an instant success in the overclocking and Enthusiast realm and started being seen is some of the finest new systems built all over the World.

As a by-product of that initial success, they were moved and passionately began to develop even newer and more innovative cooling solutions. The Phanteks Team, based currently in the Netherlands, consists of different teams that work collectively together, but apart as well without much blow back from upper management number crunchers. They have a creative research team, a designer team and a developers team whose only desires are to outdo themselves over and over again and to attain an almost Nirvana of excellence without trying to just copy someone else’s popular design and making it their own by changing a piece or a part here and there. Phanteks uses the latest in cutting edge technology and building techniques as well as tried and true craftsmanship to reinvent and re-engineer what was good to an even better if not a best in category.

The constant pursuit of excellence in the air thermal solutions side of the business and now case designs are still being constantly re-developed to bring ever more satisfaction and solution to the enthusiasts and new novice budding computer builders around the globe. The ultimate goal of the Phanteks teams is to be the best in the industry period and their company motto is “no job is impossible.”

So the newest projects of Phanteks are high performance cases that lean forward toward the enthusiast but can be made to fit any computer user’s needs has started and I see a great future for them in a top quality design that both outperform others but look great as well.

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The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case is a tribute to a product that has no boundaries. This case is made for users as simple as the casual multi-fan only air cooling solutions user, to the AIO (All in One) Liquid cooling solutions guys, all the way up to the ultimate in high grade, high priced custom looped solutions of the very imaginative minds of Pro-Modders around the Globe.

This case can satisfy the tastes of everyone for one very simple reason. They did it right the first time and it doesn’t need to be re-done to make do or a builder or modder does not have to create a way to make a custom water cooling loop work in this case. This case has been created by engineers that thought of all that instead of being created in some meeting room full of businessmen all unilaterally jockeying for their next promotion and in the process not knowing anything about what they building, especially how the Enthusiast and Pro-Modders would love to see it built. A lot of companies have gotten so big lately that they have forgotten what they were doing in the first place and spin out a variation of the same product with minor cost effective changes year after year and so on.

The engineers that started Phanteks back in 2007 have been creating products that not only match the necessity of today’s high end builder, but supersede even the best of their competition and the Phanteks Enthoo mini XL case is a prime example of this ongoing superiority. In fact is, I would have to write a 300 page novel to effectively show every way that this case could be utilized and described along with the slight nuances of every angle. This exercise could surely take this reviewer literally months of hard work and thousands of his own valuable dollars to give you every possible perspective that can be utilized with this one case; so I will use what I have and do the best I can to do this amazing case the best service that the Phanteks label deserves, and do it to the best of my ability.

Taste testing Analogy

A good example of how to understand a Phanteks case quality is best achieved by comparing different glasses of red wine. They all look and photograph about the same way and at the same level of light and ambiance they all look ideally equal. Every glass of this exampled red wine all have the same hue and color and the same look, but that is where the similarities begin to fade away like smoke exhaled into a summer windstorm. Once it is sniffed you can start to understand that there is a slight difference in the bouquet of the different glasses. Then the differences become even more evident when the glasses are tipped towards the palette and the taste flows over the tongue and the flavor immediately tells the tester that there are tremendous differences in these similarly shaded glasses of red wine. One could be okay and great for a dinner with friends or small get-togethers, but another may taste so exquisite that it can’t be properly described or quantified of its true essence with mere words alone; because it just has to be tasted to be understood fully. So if you have never experience or tasted a Phanteks case up close and personal then my review will be like showing you pictures of the different glasses of red wine and telling you that one taste different than the other and you take my word for it or not. Unfortunately, this is all I can do until smell-o-vision or Touch-o-vision comes to the stores.

As you can see the reviewer is obviously impressed by the Phanteks product line and believes that they deserve to be classed with the very finest of case makers. The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL computer case is made for the medium sized motherboard Micro-ATX form factor motherboard and with an added kit; it can be used for one of the smallest of gaming motherboards the 6 inch x 6 inch Mini-ITX motherboard. The case can be changed to fit both form factors at the same time perfectly, but it comes standard for only one computer system for the Micro-ATX
motherboard that allows for multiple video cards and high octane gaming and performance. This case is not small by uATX standards. Actually the case is about the size of the average large Mid-Tower case that I regularly get sent to me and when I first saw the box I was sure this was a case that was made for the ATX or even E-ATX standard size of motherboard, but it’s not. It’s a Mid-Tower design made for the smaller form factor motherboards and imposes one of the greatest of compliment of cooling environments no matter what cooling solution you decide to use, or afford. This case can give you the best of your cooling system right out of the box and give you the grace and style to do the very best with what your money can buy you.

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Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case
Model Number PH-ES414M-BK
MSRP $179.99 USD


Features of this case would take two or three pages but this video of the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case featured in this bests exhibits just how different this case truly is from others. Watching this video is highly recommended to understand this case’s overall complexity.

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