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Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case Review

Final Thoughts of the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case
In Conclusion I have to say that this case is in a “Class by itself”. To compare a product to another one has to have two or more product with similar features with similar layouts or at least similar something. This case has it all and has the added kits to make it even more than the sum of its original parts. It’s truly that amazing of a case.

Is it for everyone? Yes and no. Is it a micro ATX case? Yes and no. Is it an M-ITX case? Yes and no. Is it a mid tower case. Yes and no. Is it like any other case that I have ever experienced before? Absolutely Not. It’s just that different of a case boys and girls. Is it over engineered? Yes and no. Is it the perfect case? Not at the time of this review.

Simple things really make the difference with this case. The shaded window, the RGB lighting, the tap on every hole that you screw into is mechanically perfectly fitting. There is no moving around because the tolerance of every piece that I put together needed no extra effort to fit right. It just does. There were a few things that I will put into the cons but this is a case I would recommend to anyone of any experience level of computer building. This case is complex but simple. It is Enigmatic. That’s the word, Enigmatic.

I can’t recall any other case on the planet that has not been a made from a scratch build that was able to hold two completely different computers simultaneously with the ability for them to work completely independently of each other both on at the same time and or either one on by itself.

I would say it’s perfect for a family room with two kids or a couple that love the computer but want to do totally different things at the same time. You could be face to face, side by side, or even back to back but you can be together using the same box and still not be totally alone. Both are able to do two entirely different things at the same time without getting into the other’s way whatsoever.

Whether this case becomes an overnight sensation or a one hit wonder I have to say that this case is one of the most unique cases that I have ever experienced and it takes a lot for me to say that since I have literally built over 60 builds in cases from the most poor excuse of a case to a case that I hated to cut a window in because it was so darned beautiful, so when I say that this case has no equal I mean it.

There were a few problems that I found with the case. One was the M-ITX kit should have come with a 120mm fan in the box. The light string should be wrapped around a round piece of plastic to keep the double sided tape cover from unraveling. The two filters at the bottom should have a different type of clasp. Pinching them in is the only way to get the clasp to engage. Lastly, I would have made different cable runners and fasteners for wire management in the back of the case. Since there is the possibility for dual power supplies and more wires, there needs to be larger wire straps for extra large cable runs.

Overall this is one of the best built and best designed computers I have ever had the pleasure of building in. If I said negative things about it, then it’s only to make it be a better case than it is now. And that my reader is an amazing feat. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Great looks
– Amazing design
– Zero Tolerance fit for add-ons and parts.
– Countless cooling potential
– Dual Computer capability

– One tie down for the internal parts box
– Needs to be changed to metallic wire or two tie downs
– Wire straps may not be long enough to hold all the wires.
– Bottom Filters need to be pinched hard to make Clasp hold.

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