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BitFenix Aegis Case Review

In the simplest terms, an Aegis is a shield of protection to the heart of the warrior that wears this protective armor. This is a very fitting picture of the theme of this case from BitFenix. The BitFenix brand made mini computing a cool and universal way of life for many builder's taking advantage of the newer smaller and magnificent new M-ITX and Micro ATX computers that have the same relative power of its bigger ATX counterparts with the BitFenix Prodigy Line of machines. In a way they invented the way to put together full custom looped water cooled Monster and stuffed it nicely into a small chassis that not only worked great but looked even better. So many flavors and mods have been commercially developed for that little chassis that could and now the people at BitFenix are at it again with the BitFenix Aegis Micro-ATX computer case.

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Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case Review

The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case is a tribute to a product that has no boundaries. This case is made for users as simple as the casual multi-fan only air cooling solutions user, to the AIO (All in One) Liquid cooling solutions guys, all the way up to the ultimate in high grade, high priced custom looped solutions of the very imaginative minds of Pro-Modders around the Globe. This case can satisfy the tastes of everyone for one very simple reason. They did it right the first time and it doesn't need to be re-done to make do or create a way to make a custom water cooling loop work in this case. This case has been engineers alone and not meeting room full of bureaucrats all unilaterally jockeying for their next promotion and not knowing thing one about what they are talking about especially how the Enthusiast and Pro-Modders wants needs or desires. A lot of companies have gotten so big they forgot what they were doing in the first place and spin out a variation of the same product year after year and so on.

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Sharkoon Introduces their newest CA-I (mITX) and CA-M (uATX) PC Cases

Sharkoon Technologies has some pretty cool products and today they announced the availability of its newest m-ITX and uATX cases, the new CA-I and CA-M aluminum PC cases. The CA-I measures and almost cubed form of 213 x 225 x 259 mm and features support for mini-ITX motherboards, two top-placed USB 3.0 ports are standard on this new case and two front-facing USB 2.0 connectors with one 3.5-inch drive and one 2.5-inch drive bay, it also includes an added 120 mm fan installed on the top blow-hole panel.

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