Sharkoon Introduces their newest CA-I (mITX) and CA-M (uATX) PC Cases

Sharkoon Technologies has some pretty cool products and today they announced the availability of its newest m-ITX and uATX cases, the new CA-I and CA-M aluminum PC cases. The CA-I measures and almost cubed form of 213 x 225 x 259 mm and features support for mini-ITX motherboards, two top-placed USB 3.0 ports are standard on this new case and two front-facing USB 2.0 connectors with one 3.5-inch drive and one 2.5-inch drive bay, it also includes an added 120 mm fan installed on the top blow-hole panel.

This is a few pictures of the uATX Version

Sharkoon_CA-Micro ATX CASE
Sharkoon_CA-Micro ATX CASE

This is a few pictures of the mITX Version

SharkoonCA-ITX 01
Sharkoon_CA-m ITX Model

The CA-M is for Micro and is slightly bigger than the I model by 270 by 225 by 285 mm and has the same four USB ports as the CA-I and also is including a 120 mm blow-hole fan but it can house the larger (micro ATX) motherboard and includes two 3.5-inch drive bays (that can be fitted with three 2.5-inch drives). The CA-I (m-ITX)and the CA-M (uATX) larger units come in two color versions (black and silver)both have a very nicely brushed aluminum finish in the front of the case and costs are 41.99 Euro or $55.63 US Dollars and 44.99 Euro which is approximately 59.99 in US Dollars.

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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