BitFenix Aegis Case Review

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BitFenix Aegis MAtX Performance Computer Case
Model Number BFC-AEG-300-YKWL1-RP
MSRP: £79 GBP / $100 USD

Aegis is an ancient Greek word for a protective shield. Lots of major gods of per-historic legends where depicted and even a beautiful mosaics in Sicily show Alexander the great wearing an Aegis covering his upper torso, for that matter even the U.S. Navy uses a phased array radar-based combat system that is computer targeted for any intruder moving too fast human intervention to react Aegis System locks on and sends thousand of bullets a minute toward the gaining intruder.

aegis naval System

In the simplest terms, an Aegis is a shield of protection to the heart of the warrior that wears this protective armor. This is a very fitting picture of the theme of this case from BitFenix. The BitFenix brand made mini computing a cool and universal way of life for many builder’s taking advantage of the newer smaller and magnificent new M-ITX and Micro ATX computers that have the same relative power of its bigger ATX counterparts with the BitFenix Prodigy Line of machines. In a way they invented the way to put together full custom looped water cooled Monster and stuffed it nicely into a small chassis that not only worked great but looked even better. So many flavors and mods have been commercially developed for that little chassis that could and now the people at BitFenix are at it again with the BitFenix Aegis Micro-ATX computer case. One review cannot possible touch on all the advanced array of arrangements that this case can handle so take a minute to watch this video to get a better idea of what BitFenix has built into this next wave of very exciting cases from BitFenix.

Now that we have looked at the video you can plainly see what I mean. For us to talk about everything that you can do with this case would be impossible in the short time we have to finish a comprehensive written review of the case and I really liked the way that the makers of this video touched on every aspect of the configurations of this case but know this. Some Modders are going to add more configurations to this case.

Whether this case becomes the phenomenal success that the BitFenix Prodigy became is up to future historians to judge but for now I felt that if there are still modders in the world and they are still building amazing custom water looped systems then the Aegis will have a happy home filling that need.

The interesting part of BitFenix is not just the building of the unique cases and the type of products and services that they sell but the makeup of the owners of the company itself. Here is a direct quote from the BitFenix Website about the company…

“BitFenix is the result of the collaboration of several veterans in both the technology and gaming industries. From the same minds behind some of technology’s most venerable products, our goal is to create products that grant the user the utmost control, strength, and performance to complete their computing tasks.”

“We understand that some of the most innovative and novel concepts come from the community itself, which is why we take great steps to listen to the needs of our users and develop optimal ways to integrate their ideas into our products. By working closely with the global community, BitFenix is able to engineer solutions that directly address the needs of our users.”

These unconventional themes are killing the competition that are filled with board rooms sitting with business professionals with MBA degrees during weekly staff meetings to decide what the public wants without even knowing the business end of a Phillips head screw driver, or more importantly what the stock holders will say about a product and the input of everyone from the marketing department and financial department to decide just how they can get away with selling the least for the most. For BitFenix these things are important sure; business is business and it is the nature of the beast for the things I have brought to light, but for a few newer companies that have embraced the enthusiast community for ideas that work and innovation that make these companies the newest leaders in the computer market today.

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