BitFenix Aegis Case Review

Building inside the BitFenix Aegis Case
First of all let me make it easy for you to get all the fine tuning details from the people at BitFenix.

Download this manual and software for the front bezel logo screen.

I have to confide to the readers that the last few cases that I have built into were not easy and not builder friendly as I would have liked so when I got to building into this BitFenix Aegis MAtX Performance case I really liked building again. After building well over a hundred builds to date, both custom and simple builds I can tell you with confidence that this case is a nice case to build in.

The top easily holds the radiator steady as you ready the fans on the bottom for the mounting of the radiator and it was nice that BitFenix thought of the radiator tube routing when building this new case. It really is High Performance for anything you want your MAtX Form factor to become.

Radiator Placement

Here is a look at what I was talking about with the tubing routing. See then indention on the SSD holder. It is in just the right place to allow those tubes to route right down to the mid case without having to wonder how you are going to fit the radiator in. Also right now is a great time to add that back plate. It is never too early to place the back plate into your build. It is usually my first thing to do, so I don’t forget later after I have a few screws in the motherboard to take back out.

Back plate insertion

Even adding the front 140 fans you get options with this case. It’s hard to notice but I mounted the 140 fans in two ways below to show the option you have. See the bottom fan is slightly forward of the top fan. Both can be set forward or back depending on your custom loop and this case is ready for a custom loop with pump platforms and reservoir mounts included with this unit.

Adding front Fans

You will most likely need to remove the power supply cover to mount your power supply. If you lay your Aegis Case over on its back you can see the two retaining screws that hold the Power supply cover into place. Then you have to pull it a little forward to unlock it from the tabs holding the cover on the top.

power supply cover removal screws

The BitFenix Aegis MAtX Performance case is not a flat top case. Thank GAWD… As it is shown here, the motherboard is centrally located and sits nicely into the case for great looks. The power supply cover is still on to show the wire clearance you have I was speaking of before. It’s not that much as shown but that’s easy to fix as you will see in the next picture.

Remove the PSU Cover

Now I have moved the bottom mechanical hard drive cage over some to allow for my big power supply wires to fit. Also speaking of fit; look how nicely the water cooler fit right in like it was built for this unit. The Fans are big and nice and if you look low and to the left you see the hideaway SSD mount on the back of the motherboard tray down. There is plenty of filtered ventilation from the front and the bottom as the there is also a magnetic filter on the front to keep the dust from settling on your nice build inside.

Ready the PSU

Here is a really nice look at the bottom up of the case as the build proceeds. The fans look so great in this case and to think I was worried that my custom TUF Motherboard might not look right in this case. It really looks great in there with the green and the yellow and the black all fitting together.

Securing the water

I have been waiting for someone to make the SSD mounting screw free and now they are with the BitFenix Aegis MAtX Performance case. The small rails fit straight into the side hole of your common SSD and then slip right in and fits like a dream. I love this case. It’s so builder friendly.

Installing drives

As you can see I used my bequiet Dark Pro 850 watt 80 plus Certified platinum (SEASONIC) PSU in this build and this is slightly too big for a regular build with this case. But it did work and it fit like a pro. I just had to move the Hard Drive Cage over to the front mount holes. 2 minutes and it was done and I was ready to set my cover. (Make sure to mount your Power Supply Fan Down in this case if you intend to use the Cover as it needs to breathe easy during heavy use.)

BitFenix Ageis page 5g
Normally I hate big windows on cases but this one is great because the power supply and the way the wires all work so nice I am not afraid to show it off with as much lighting as I can insert into it.

All Covered PSU

Glamshot lit up

This case is a natural and not a fighter. It will not fight you with any build you might want to put into it and the lighted programmable front logo can be changed to fit your mood. I liked the BitFenix Blue logo. This case really loves the light.

Finished product

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