BitFenix Aegis Case Review

Final Thoughts of the BitFenix Aegis Case
Finished product

In conclusion there are not many cases that get my attention the way that this case did. The look and the fit and finish were all top notch and befitting the 100 us Dollar price tag. I think that for what you get in this case its worth more than the price admits.

This case breaks new ground in the sport case mid tower case department with the lines and style of fun sports car and the technology of the front is a ground breaker. I don’t know of any other smart cases that I have even seen before.

The BitFenix Brand has always pulled toward the enthusiast and breaking new ground has been a way of life for the company so I am not surprised except for the lack of wire management room behind the motherboard tray and the panel door.

The steel of this case lets you know that it is in the big boy class and the additions of all the other options of this case lets you know that you are not dealing with just another case. The BitFenix Aegis is really a fine piece of technology, form and function. If I had to describe it to someone contemplating a case for a Micro ATX form factor motherboard I would have to tell them that The BitFenix Aegis Performance Computer Case is one of the “Best Bangs for the Buck I have seen in a while.

Remember to visit the website and download the software that runs the logo generator and if you like programming make up some new ones and start sharing them. It will be fun to be an owner of the Aegis in my humble opinion.

If it were not for the tight back of the case for wire management and the LED Light needing to be glued in I would have easily given this case a solid 10 out of 10, but 9 out of 10 isn’t bad at all. Great case.

rating9 10 small

– Great Styling
– Multiple build options
– Lighted logo in front
– Fit and Finish is best in class
– Window is scratch resistant
– Very easy to build in

– PSU area can be tight
– Top HDD LED was loose on mine
– Not much room for wire management behind motherboard tray

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