BitFenix Aegis Case Review

Accessories and Extras
Open the little brown box hiding in the lower drive cage and you find these pieces…


Also mounted at the to looking like it belongs there four screws hold the Reservoir Stand.

res holder

A look at some extras that were sent to me to use for the build was phenomenal.. The Fans were silent brightly lit and the lighting was amazing and easy and nicely fit for use with nothing missing.

Shown Below is the 140 mm Fans that I used for front ventilation.

The Spectre Pro LED white version of the fans had set ups for every build. No need to buy extras for your extras. It’s all there with nothing left out. The fans come pre-wired to light up with the fan activation but there are also long wires to take off of the override plug that comes plugged in so you don’t need a switch but if you are the type that needs the dark and needs to switch off the lights of the fans without disturbing the fan that wire is included. Also the fans come with rubber washers and rubber fan mounts and regular standard fan screws for any case or building need.

140 mm Spectre Pro LED white

I highly recommend these fans. They are dead silent and look great with enough light to complete your lighting needs without a string of lights for the build. The front can handle a 120×360 Radiator and the fans are worth the money they ask for them. They are some of the most silent fans I have ever come across.

120 mm Spectre Pro LED white

Here is an out of the box look at what you get with every “Spectre Pro LED version fan. Look carefully at the bottom left of the fan and you will see the lighting switch over-ride that is hooked up as packaged and easily ready to change out with a long switch wire that can be activated by and on/off – Single pole, Single throw switch.

Fans opened

Here we have the BitFenix Alchemy lighting kits that can wire right to your case but if your case does not come prewired for lighting this can be powered by a simple Molex power connection that goes through and through to give you the intensity that you are looking for to show off the work you have done to your enthusiast or gaming rig.

Alchemy Premier LED Lighting

The Kit that comes with the BitFenix Alchemy lighting system allows each kit to be daisy chained with as many lights as you need with plenty of wire to distance you strings and most of all a very clean looking finished product that can be hidden in plain sight to light up your room with your build if you desire. These lights are very illuminating. High grades for all these kits here.

Lights exposed

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