BitFenix Aegis Case Review

Inside of the BitFenix Aegis Case
A look at the already popped up top vent from this picture shows how well engineered the BitFenix Aegis MAtX Performance case really is. The top vent is easy to remove wash and replace in minutes.

Bottom dust cover

Lifting off the top vent is easy as press down and lift as it comes up. The top filter element is very nice looking and works very well and overall it is very strong and the filter is very appealing.

Opening Top vent

Taking a closer look at the inside part of the filter element it’s easy to see that BitFenix did a great job making sure this element can last the test of time so that your hundred dollars is very well spent.

The top filter element is secured inside a Scotch Pine type architecture that really holds the element in place and gives it plenty of room to breathe.

Top Radiator Filter

There are two screws that hold the top locked in place but remove those black thumb screw and pull it the top back and lift from the back and you can see the controls of this case is not your usual micro switches and plugs. They are making with quality and the wires are very well insulated.

Top Radiator Grill

With the top panel and front panel and control wires removed it’s the design of the case comes clearly into view. We have the back BitFenix exhaust fan that is simple but very silent. Also the rubber grommets on the wire access points are very nice and very strong are all in the right places too and plenty of room for the wires to pass without difficulty.

The access hole for the CPU is really nice and large for all types of motherboard not just Intel but AMD as well. The Green knob at the top right of the case is colored by me to show that it is the lever that allows the hard drive caged to be effortlessly pulled out in seconds depending on your needs. The front is made for a large 360,240 or 280 radiator set up with that removable cage moved out of the way you have plenty of room for the radiator and the fans to fit nicely without fighting it.

Front Radiator grill

It is those little extras of this case that makes it so much more interesting and economic for the buyer since if you MOD you won’t need to worry about building your own power supply cover but I used a really long high wattage “bequiet Dark Pro” power unit and it stuck out some so get the standard sized power supply to hide it completely without difficultly. This was one of the only things that I had an issue with building with this case but moving the bottom cage up a little was a matter of unscrewing them the Hard drive caged from the bottom and mounting it into the forward position already made for it.

PCI Access

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