BitFenix Aegis Case Review

I really liked the way I received this case. the packaging was tough and super secure with tamper resistant straps that kept out prying eyes and gave the couriers a secure way of moving the box around during transport.

Strapped box

A look at the front of the box shows and incredible looking computer image of what is inside and the name, logo and website address.

Front Box

Both sides had the integrated handles in the sides of the case with the Color of the case marked and the Model number and other valuable numbers that the company and vendors need for proper inventory management. Also the other side has a nice frontal view of the case with a Specification chart under it. The Aegis and logo on both the top and bottom are done in black background with box colored markings stenciled out.

Side Boxes

The back of the box is the best looking side of them all as it’s very decorative and has lots of information about the features of the case and the unique contents that you would not usually expect from a $100.00 US Dollar Computer Case.

back of box

The case is cocooned in the usual style with the Strong double walled boxing and the Styrofoam padded sides to keep the case from getting damaged during shipping.

Open Box

The quality of the foam is medium grade Styrofoam but the case is not that heavy so it is very sufficient for the case to make it to you front porch without incident.

styrofoam covered

Plastic covering around the case is the high quality PE-LD 4 grade that is good for about 150 pounds so this is also very sufficient for transporting and getting the Aegis in one Piece.

Plastic covering

Finally the Stick on plastic on the front and sides is covered extremely well on both sides of the acrylic window and the front See though black Acrylic in front of the case facing.

side window sheild

Overall the packaging gets my highest BEST rating as they exceeded all shipping regulations and did not skip on anything important. Very Nice BitFenix. Great job with packaging.

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