BitFenix Aegis Case Review

Outside the BitFenix Aegis Case
The outside of the BitFenix Aegis MAtX Performance Case is beautiful. I specifically asked for the Yellow one and I love the look. The top and front of the case is molded in Yellow and the rest of the steel is painted very generously on both inside and outside of every panel. The window is very strong High grade too. Not the Scratchy kind that leaves marks every time you wipe it off.

Front window Featured

The High gloss front is also very tough and scratch resistant. I know this personally because I had a very large heat sink fall on the front panel and scratch the crap out of it, but after some rubbing compound and some high grade polishing compound the scratches were gone and it was good as new. Thanks BitFenix for making such a very durable case.

Front Side Feature

The top has a custom auto graphics look. Those black stripes not only look good but they allow for air to channel into or out of the top of the case depending on your configuration. The top vent has a press on press off switch at the front and pops right out for easy cleaning.

The bottom has a great magnetic filter element that is very sturdy and very easy to remove and replace in times a good cleanup is due.

Top and bottom

As I described the window earlier I can’t say it enough. This is the type of high grade Acrylic window that you don’t see often. It can take a gentle cleaning with a soft towel and not scratch at all. It shines to perfection every time.

The writing is not actually on the case. This is a great illustration of the cases Controls and the Fan controller has its own circuit board and not just a simple resister for step down fan controls. There is a three step switch that allows speeds of Slow/Medium/High.

The power switch is large and centrally located and the reset button is easy and very accessible. Two White LEDs show power and HDD activity and the USB 3.0 and audio in and out are nicely located.

Windowed Side

This picture is the best way to see the control unit. The yellow is harder to see and this BitFenix picture shows the controls better than I could with my photographic experience. This is a shot taken from the BitFenix Video that is included in the first page of this review.

Control unit

This is a shot of the control unit on our Review Sample. While it’s pretty hard to see the graphics on the switch it there is the BitFenix logo in the center of the Power switch. The LED’s in the top were not glued down on one side but I did add some hot glue to it and this was the only con that I noticed as of this time of the review.


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