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Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case Review

Accessories and Extras
This is an Added page that I felt compelled to insert into this review, as this case is so different, that I would not be doing the case justice if I didn’t add some explanation of this unique case accessories in some detail.

I will go over the contents of the Accessories that accompany the case so that we can understand this case more deeply.

First the box of accessories included with the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL case is pretty wide and filled with just a few very important items.

Main box 1 Front

When opening the box you see the quality and time that goes into even the accessories of the product.
Main Hardware box open

Unpacking is easy and the packaging of the accessories is very professionally done with much care.

Accessories box open no manual

The “Owner’s Manual” is very easy to read and the print is very clear like a magazine print so understanding your particular needs will be easy to read and the pictures inside are very clean and precise.

Owner's Manual

The hardware comes in a segmented plastic case for separating each type of screw to help in building and saving hardware for future upgrades.

Hardware Box Main

Hardware count

There are only six wire ties inside the accessories and one extra fabric tie down that you will see later. I would highly doubt that you would use all these wire ties for the reason that this Phanteks case has plenty of wire hold down straps built in already in the back of the motherboard tray. But as a rule I never rely on the wire ties provided by any case alone. I always get a pack of Premium Wire Ties 4 inch. 18 Black / UV 100 pc. Bag and use them until I run out then I get more. You can never have enough wire ties, ever. The strap is made to screw into the back and then feed through a metal strap cut into the case and then folded around multiple wires and Velcro down for best wire management that can be done by the installer.

Wire ties and strap main

The Radiator side mount is for a 120 x 240 side mount front radiator install. This piece may never be needed but it’s really easy to see that this case is made for so many different build modes it leaves nothing to chance or to Dremel for that matter.

Radiator side mount
Side Mount Rad

There is also this piece that strictly made for holding a custom reservoir for a professional cooling loop.

Main part plate

Reservoir Bracket

Lastly, something that is very rare in any case you buy these days but expect more of these as this case takes control of the market because this custom water pump mount is standard equipment with the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL.

Main pump mount hardware
pump bracket install

Optional M-ITX Accessories of the Phanteks Enthoo Mini LX Case
Kit Number: PH-ITXKT_01
MSRP: $29.99 US dollars

Okay another page of accessories. I told you this was a unique case. This case is actually able to hold two completely different computers in one.

Scenario One:
Your Thirteen year old son is playing his favorite video game and is so deep into the game he can’t stop. Your daughter needs to do her creative writing project tonight because she has put it off as long as she can and she needs the computer now or her grades will drop and that assignment is worth 20% of her total grade at school. This case can accommodate them both with no fighting or having to interrupt anyone. Just turn on the M-ITX kit inside it and the computer will boot up for your daughter. You son puts on his headphones and they both do different tasks separated by a few feet and do two totally different things in the same area in perfect harmony.

Scenario Two: You are busy finishing up that report for work and your wife wants to do some Photos, Email and some Face booking. Not a problem. Because with this case with this Kit you can have a long desk or a face to face set up and work completely independently from each other with you own USB hubs and Keyboard, mouse and multi-monitor set up. Because there is a way for both computers to be completely independent of each other and in the same case saving space and allowing for more productivity and fun at the same time in the same room.

Scenario 3: In an office, one person is doing reception and Scheduling and another doing major league number crunching with full Photoshop and multiple video cards and all running out of the same box independently. They can do it from the same box with two different work spaces but the same box. The company saves on space, build costs and has it all separated and completely independent of each other with different Power buttons, USB 3 Connections and Sound in and out all in one case.

Sorry, I digress.

The Enthoo Mini XL ITX UPGRADE KIT is a great addition to this case. The box, back and front are shown below.

x optional front box

Box Back Main

The The Enthoo Mini XL ITX UPGRADE KIT comes with great directions on how to set up and affix your kit to the case and set up for the separate m-ITX computer install.

X optional guide

The back plate from the M-ITX Kit replaces the 240 x 120 radiator mount that is standard on the back the Enthoo Mini XL case and exchanges that space for your second computer interface. From left to right you see your I/O shield placement then a dual card slot in the center then down to the far right is the FLEX ITX Power supply mount. Everything you need to make your second computer independent and still keeping the 120mm exhaust fan for the Main Micro-ATX unit.

x optional Backplate

This is the M-ITX back plate. There is no cut out for his motherboard tray since the power supply is located behind this on the other side of the wall this mounts to so having an access hole at this point would be stupid and they avoided that part quite well.

x optional mITX backplate

This little unit is the secret ingredient to the kit. This is the main controller for the M-ITX computer unit featuring a Power, Reset, and Audio in and out and two USB 3.0 plugs that are just for the secondary computer. This mounts right into the front 5.25 inch optical drive bay. Click, Snap, Screw down.

x optional controller face

x optional rear or controller

The Pin-outs plugs for this controller are the same as any as seen below.

Wire diagram for ITX

Below are all the screws you will need for the M-ITX kit since it is easy to just remove that back plate with a standard Phillips head screw driver and a few minutes of your time and you are ready for some serious dual computing.

x optional Hardware


HDD Bracket box

Mechanical HDD hang mount Kit Number: PH-HDDKT_01
MSRP: $7.99 US dollars

xx optional hdd hanger

Phanteks PH-LEDKT_M1 Multi Colors LED strip 1m Specified for Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Case upgrade
Well last but not least, is the lights that were formerly only for the “Enthoo Luxe” case but is now available and ready to plug right into the Phanteks Enthoo Mini LX case too. These multicolored RGB/ LED waterproof strips are double sided 3M strips taped to keep the LED firm on your chassis and keep installation easy with the plug and play connectors. The LED strips allow the user to control the colors through the LED switch matching the allowing all the LED with the strip to sync up to the same 10 colors at just a press of a button.

xx optional Lighting

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