Corsair Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition Case Review

Outside of the Corsair Carbide 330R Titanium Mid Tower Case
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The front of the case is very clean and utilitarian but very up to date in an Architectural Digest sort of way. It takes a very conservative stance but that is what you want from a quiet computer a subdued look as well. This case is not flashy by any means and that’s the point. It’s not made to get attention. It is made to stay silent. If you notice the front door is completely insolated for wind fan and internal noise. The front opened is extremely airy and has a great filtration system that is very easy to take off and replace, all using the very silent and aerodynamic hexagon shapes in all of the air inlets and outlets for better flow rate at low noise levels.

Front panel open and closed

Even though the lighting in this picture gives the sides an almost titanium color what you see in person is a deep black satin case with a beautiful smooth finish. The two thumb screws that hold each side panel on is very robust and the holes are well machined to fit the screws without having to make your own screw holes or wearing out of even breaking the screws as some cases do. Corsair did a great job creating a very nice subdued look.

Windowed side raw panel

Along with excellent finish on the case Corsair also added lightweight insulation inside the panels for optimum noise control. This is a case that will never reveal itself unless you know it’s there. Using the old axiom of being seen and not heard is also another way of describing the Corsair Carbide 330R “Titanium Edition”

Motherboard side
The top uses a very familiar magnetic cover that is used when the top Radiator mount is not in use. It’s very easy to take off this cover if you need to by simply lifting up on the handle area and putting it away someplace safe, but don’t forget to write down where you put it.

Covered top

If there is the desire to have nice AIO (All in One) water cooling solution in your build its ready for both the 240mm and the 280mm sized radiators and fitting them is a breeze with great line up with nice predrilled holes for perfect installation.

Radiator Mount

The bottom Power supply ventilation is made to keep the noise down too and to top it off the underside magnetically held filter is tough, large and extremely easy to remove, clean and reinstall with a snap of the magnetic six way holds it goes back perfectly using the indented guides on the bottom to help line up the filter perfectly without needing to see. Just tip the Corsair Carbide 330R “Titanium Edition” slightly to the side and place it right in.

Bottom pan filtered and non filtered

The back is very intelligently thought out. With air gaps in every place possible for heat escape and positive air flow. The top 120 fans sit low in the back to give plenty of room to the AIO (all in one) Radiator placement. There are three knockouts for external water cooling if desired. The seven PCI slots are generously vented but very strong and sturdy with plenty of air holes next to them for allowing convection current to flow around a heated video card or two. The Power supply mount at the bottom is made for a PSU Fan UP or DOWN position depending on the needs of the builder.

Back of the case

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