Thermaltake Core X1 Mini-ITX Case Review

Thermaltake’s Core V Series has been extremely popular, especially with their latest Core V21 and Core V1 cases. It is time for a new Core series, which has launched today with three cases. Each case has a cube-like design and they are made to be builders cases, which means they are very easy to work in, have interchangeable parts, have lots of air are water cooling options, and fit some of the largest components possible. The Core X series starts with the Mini-ITX Core X1, then moves up to the Micro-ATX Core X2, and finally finishes off with the big-boy Core X9 that supports E-ATX motherboards. Today we will be taking a look at the Core X1, it has room inside for 4 hard drives, a mini-ITX motherboard, 3-slot full-size graphics card, CPU coolers up to 200 mm and a full-size ATX power supply. Let’s get started!

Special thanks to Thermaltake for providing us with the Core X1 Mini-ITX Case to review.


The Core X1 comes in Thermaltake typical packaging. On the front of the box there is an image of the case and it also lets us know that they case is Thermaltake LCS certified, modular ready and stacking ready. So yes if you wanted to you can stack these cases for a petty insane build.

Thermaltake Core X1 Mini-ITX Case

On the opposite side of the case you have an exploded view of the case to see how it all goes together.

Thermaltake Core X1 Mini-ITX Case

On the side of the case there is also a full list of specifications.

Thermaltake Core X1 Mini-ITX Case

Opening the box up we can see the case is nicely protected by large pieces of styrofoam and a plastic bag.

Thermaltake Core X1 Mini-ITX Case

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