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Microsoft’s Actively Blocking Updates On Windows 7/8.1 On New CPUs

It looks like Microsoft is keeping to their word and actively blocking Windows update on system that have new CPUs. Apparently if you are on a system with a Intel "Kaby Lake" processor or and AMD Ryzen processor when you check for updates you'll get this message.

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ECS Announces LIVA X Mini PC

Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) is proud to introduce the latest mini PC – LIVA X, a fan-less design, quiet and low power consumption small-size computer. Adopting Intel Bay-Trail M SOC and 15W ultra-low power design; supporting Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Linux, and Ubuntu operating systems, as well. LIVA X supports USB 3.0 port, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth wireless connection technology.

Intel Meegopad T01
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Intel Quietly Unveils Meegopad T01 HDMI Stick

Normally when Intel launches a product it is a pretty big deal, but for some reason they have quietly released their Meegopad T01 HDMI TV stick. Now normally we see ARM hardware inside of these small HDMI sticks, but of course Intel's version boasts an x86 foundation inside that is actually capable of running Windows 8.1!

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$100 Windows 8.1 Tablet Released

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 with Bing back in May, which they promised would be capable of brining much more affordable devices to the market that would challenge Android in a way that Windows has never done before. Well this week at Computex 2014 we are seeing that with the release of the first ever $100 Windows 8.1 tablet.

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