Syber Vapor STREAM Brings Affordable Gaming To Living Rooms

Valve has been making progress with Steam OS and In-Home Streaming, and hardware vendors have been trying to find a balance of performance and value. Sporting a small lightweight form factor, quad-core processor, and an SSD, Syber Vapor STREAM has found that balance of performance and value.

Streaming games has been around for a while with OnLive, and has recently gained traction with PlayStation Now. But you don’t need to subscribe to a fancy service to be able to stream games, Steam In-Home Streaming is one of my favorite features to hit the platform. In-Home Streaming allows a gaming computer to do all of the rendering, and send a low lag video stream to a less capable machine for input. This is where Syber Vapor STREAM comes into play. Featuring a 2GHz Intel Bay Trail Quad-Core CPU, 2GB 1600MHz DDR3, and a 64GB SSD, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA out, Syber Vapor STREAM is a very capable streaming box. Syber Vapor STREAM can run Windows 8.1 64bit, or Steam OS. The best part is this entire package is only $149 and should be making its way to stores later this year.

Syber Vapor STREAM


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