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Windows XP
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Microsoft to Double Support Costs For Windows XP

Microsoft is trying another tactic to get Windows XP users to finally upgrade. They will be doubling the support cost for the operating system. Windows XP is 14 years old now and has been followed up by Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, but many home and business users continue to rely on the software and have not upgraded.

Windows XP
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Community Working on Service Pack 4 for Windows XP

Earlier this year in April Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP. So that meant no more security updates and fixes. Even though support for Windows XP has ended it is still a very popular operation system, especially in business and on ATM and other point-of-sale machines. Because of this the Windows community is working on updating XP and even has plans for an official service pack 4.

Windows XP
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Continue Receiving Windows XP Updates With Registry Trick

As many of you know Microsoft ended Windows XP support last April. Using a simple registry trick you apparently can still get updates for Windows XP. The trick works because Microsoft still supports and offers updates for Windows Embedded PoSReady 2009, which is an OS based on the XP kernel, until 2019. So you can trick Windows Update into thinking that you are actually running Windows Embedded PoSReady 2009 and continue to receive updates.

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Windows 7 Yet to Reach the Ubiquity of Windows XP

Windows 7 is clearly the number 1 operating system in the world right now and I do not see that changing anytime soon, especially with people choosing Windows 7 over the newly released Windows 8. Even though Windows 7 is the number 1 choice for 47.5 percent of IT workers Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder says that it’s yet to reach the “ubiquity” of Windows XP in the enterprise market.

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