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13,000 Username and Password Combinations Released by Hackers

As if the holiday season hasn't been hard enough on gamers and online users alike, it seems that hackers claiming affiliation with the infamous Anonymous hacking collective have been busy playing Santa. On Friday the group dumped a document that specified approximately 13,000 Username/Password combinations. The document found posted on Ghostbin appears to detail both usernames/passwords as well as credit card information. This comes at a time when hackers seem to be stepping up their game with LizardSquad taking down both the PlayStation network, and XBOX live over Christmas.


What You Need To Know about the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event was held today at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. If you missed it we have all of the information on the next generation Xbox console. After months of speculation the official name of the console will be Xbox One. The Xbox One is made to be an “all-in-one” box that interacts with all the devices in your home theater. Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said the core strategy is “simple, instant and complete.” The Xbox One will be available “later this year” and will ship with a new Kinect motion camera and controller. Read on as we go over some of the new features.


CES 2010: Microsoft’s Game Room

Some point during your childhood, there’s a high probability you dreamed of having a game room. Usually the game room included your favorite games, your best friends and nonstopped gaming. Microsoft wants to turn this dream into reality. Game Room (launching early 2010) will allow you to assemble your favorite arcade games in multiple rooms across three floors, invite your best friends to play over Xbox Live and nonstopped gaming can ensue.

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