CES 2010: Microsoft’s Game Room

Some point during your childhood, there’s a high probability you dreamed of having a game room. Usually the game room included your favorite games, your best friends and nonstopped gaming. Microsoft wants to turn this dream into reality. Game Room (launching early 2010) will allow you to assemble your favorite arcade games in multiple rooms across three floors, invite your best friends to play over Xbox Live and nonstopped gaming can ensue.

CES 2010: Microsoft's Game Room CES 2010: Microsoft's Game Room

Each game will cost 240MSP ($3) or you can keep it true to real arcade style and pay 25 cents per play. Currently, the only available games are older arcade classics, some of which are already available on XBLA. Also, if you’ve already purchased a game on XBLA, the license will not be transferrable to Game Room. While that is a let down, each game will offer a free demo like we’ve become accustomed to on XBLA. Microsoft plans to release games in chronological order and primarily games that were in an arcade. They are looking into releasing console games but, no solid plans are set. Last but not least, achievements. There will be achievements for each game and overall for the Game Room. Each game will have your standard achievements while the achievements for Game Room will be more about the creation and play of your room.

Overall Game Room has a lot of potential. Not being able to carry over XBLA licenses is frustrating and currently, there aren’t any compelling games on the service. In the end, Game Room will be the new face for Xbox Live Parties and a gathering point for achievement whores.