CES 2010: Topower

Taiwanese power supply and accessory manufacturer Topower has been around since 1986. Its original core design was the ability to switch power modes. Topower expanded through the world, specifically into the North American market, and ships its PSUs to ODMs, OEMs, and distributors throughout. This year at CES, Topower showed off several new items, including a 2000W power supply, new cases, and a fan.

Power Supplies
Topower’s latest power supply is a 2000W external unit. A bridge sits inside the case where the PSU would sit normally, while the full workings on the PSU sit next to the case. The bridge uses Topower’s patented XLR-style connectors and has a whopping six 12V rails, capable of supplying 1700W on the 12V rails total. Because the unit can suck up to 15A, Topower blessed it with a pair of plugs, one for each circuit to which the unit should be connected.

CES 2010: Topower CES 2010: Topower CES 2010: Topower

The 2000W PSU is available now for $500. Topower isn’t currently selling it in distributors yet, though, as demand for it is very low. It can be bought directly from Topower, though.

The TOP PC is a case and power supply combo for Mini ITX motherboards. It’s slim and stylish, and meant for a small HTPC, media front end, or low-end desktop computer for business. It’s a 100% aluminum case with a 135W power supply inside. There’s a space for a slot-loading, slimline optical drive, eSATA connector, USB, and a card reader.

CES 2010: Topower

Don Lee of Topower made it very clear that Topower does not wish to get into the OEM market–these units will be strictly cases with power supplies. Topower may bundle a Mini ITX board with it at some point, but noting more than that.

There is also a version of the case planned for micro ATX motherboards.

Topower is also releasing a shortened 2U server rack case for micro ATX motherboards. It accommodates both short expansions cards and cards on a riser.

CES 2010: Topower CES 2010: Topower CES 2010: Topower CES 2010: Topower

Topower’s new fan is the Nanotek Fan. The blades are removable and washable, as a small clip holds it in. It’s very quiet because of its nanotechnology-based bearing, and is purportedly able to last three times longer than a standard ball bearing fan. These will be available after CES for $15-$17.

CES 2010: Topower

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