Friday, July 20, 2018

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Samsung XP941 M.2 SSD
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Samsung XP941 M.2 SSD Showing Up at Retailers

We have actually seen M.2 solid state drives for a while now, but up until recently none of them have hit retailers. This is probably because motherboards that support M.2 were only just launched with the advent of Intel's 9-series chipset. One of the first to hit retailers is the Samsung XP941. The first generation of M.2 is based on PCI-Express 2.0 x2 with a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 1000 MB/s read and write.

Samsung XP941 PCI-E SSD
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Samsung Now Mass Producing Industry’s First PCI-Express SSD for Ultrabooks

Samsung has just announced today that it has begun the mass production of its first PCI Express SSD build specifically for next generation Ultra Slim notebook PCs. Courtesy of Samsung XP941, which has provided the highest performance PCI SSD to global PC makers and to the Ultra Slim Notebook PCs this year. Samsung wants to play a vital role in delivering the most advanced PCI SSD with high density and performance to directly become a helping hand to provide an extremely healthy computing environment to consumers.

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