Samsung Now Mass Producing Industry’s First PCI-Express SSD for Ultrabooks

Samsung has just announced today that it has begun the mass production of its first PCI Express SSD build specifically for next generation Ultra Slim notebook PCs.

Courtesy of Samsung XP941, which has provided the highest performance PCI SSD to global PC makers and to the Ultra Slim Notebook PCs this year. Samsung wants to play a vital role in delivering the most advanced PCI SSD with high density and performance to directly become a helping hand to provide an extremely healthy computing environment to consumers. Samsung has been into this SSD business for quite some time and delivered the new SSD to major Notebooks PC makers earlier this quarter. Samsung will be offering the XP941 with the options of 128GB , 256GB and 512GB.

Samsung XP941 PCI-E SSD

This high performance XP941 delivers a sequential read performance with a speed of 1400MB/s which is virtually the highest performance available with PCI 2.0 interface, eligible of doing an exceptional task of reading 500GB of data (equivalent to 100 HD movies) as large as 5Gb in just 6 minutes or 10 HD movies at 5Gb in 36 seconds. Isn’t that impressive? It certainly makes this PCI SSD seven times faster than a HDD which would take 40 min for the same operation.

With the production of this new PCI SSD, Samsung has laid the foundation of a new example in the global SSD market offering high performance and speed.

XP941 comes in a form factor (80mm x 22mm) and weighing only 6 grams. Its unique size gives it increased mobility for user convenience.

Source: Samsung | News Archive